About Steel Sweet

Hi my name is Becca and Welcome to Steel Sweet Designs!
 I am a signal mom of three amazingly talented and beautiful kids. As a family we have set out to grow this company together. I want to be able to teach my kids the importance of hard work, how fun it is to create and see progress and accomplishment in all things. Also to be excited and confident in the things we make and want to share with others. We have had our fair shares of tough trials and through everything we as a family have tried to find the Silver Lining in each day. Our motto has been "No matter what happens, Life is… STEEL SWEET."  
We create sweet, soft clothes out of tough athletic materials. My kids being the athletes they are LOVE athletic clothes and refuse to wear anything else. The softness, the stretch, the breathability we love it all! But we have realized that these types of fabrics are amazing for babies too! They are so soft and move with their wiggly bodies, don't stain as much and the breathability helps to dry milk and drool around those chubby cheeks faster.
We want you to know that Every purchase is Celebrated, is danced about, is trimmed, tagged, packaged and delivered to the mail as a family.  Every purchase means the world to us! 
As a way to teach my kids the joy we get when we serve others and to help those around us, we have decided to watch for a mom in need or a soon to be mom that needs to be reminding that life is tough but it is Steel Sweet. My kids give one sleeper a month to someone they want to serve, someone that can use a Sliver Lining to their day!
As we grow this company we want to share and connect with all of you from a place of motherhood, a place of family, a place of putting one foot in front of the other, a place of learning to see growth in the small things and a place of knowing you are right where you are supposed to be when you are taking time to snuggle and rock your sweet babe, run crazy at the park with your toddler, even picking up drive through food for dinner 3 out of 5 weeknight as you rush kids to and from soccer, basketball, guitar, homework and more.  
Steel Sweet is about knowing that things in life are hard. We have to watch for a Silver Lining in each day. Follow along on social media and together we will see that no matter what doors close and which ones open, Life is… STEEL SWEET!
Thank you for helping me teach and provide for my little family. And Always Remember,